Podcast Episode #5: Chantel Maina

Welcome back to our loyal listeners ! This month we are joined by Chantel Maina. A distinguished and accomplished UCT student. She completed Matric with 7 distinctions from Kingsmead College in 2018. She is months away from graduating with an Actuarial Science degree, all while running her own high school tutoring company called, Whiztutors. 

We cover just about everything, from her high school career, time management skills, to the ins and outs of excelling academically whilst making a buck on the side. 

Thank you and enjoy the episode ! 

More on Whiztuors

If you wish to make a tutoring session booking, email her at: whiztutors@gmail.com 

Chantel’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chantelmain.a/  

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