Podcast Episode 6: The Bellwether Origin story and a panel discussion with Namibian Youtuber Kovii Muruko

The long awaited episode 6 ! This is a special one because it was our first interactive episode recorded live in the presence of an awesome crowd at the UCT Student Y.

In this episode we talk about why we started the Bellwether Digest and Podcast. We discuss the vision for the magazine and ultimately what drove us to plunge into the deep of artistic expression through writing and podcasting.

In the middle we are joined by Namibian Youtuber, Kovii Muruko, who gives an inspiring perspective of what it took to start her YouTube channel and how she edits and produces authentic and amazing videos all from her phone.

In the end and perhaps the best part of this episode, Mukundi opens up the discussion to our lovely guests through some interesting short interviews.

Enjoy the episode.

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