Podcast #1: Art and its place in Society: Conversations with Ntobeko Mjijwa

The premier episode of this podcast is with artist, rapper, teacher and student mentor Ntobeko Mjijwa. Ntobeko starts by giving us commentary on three of his art pieces that explore the theme of ‘violence in language’ we also talk about how he ended up studying art, his work and how his take on the issues of our society.

Links to his art pieces that he discusses: 

Piece no. 1: Ndim Indoda Apha: http://Piece no. 1: Ndim Indoda Apha: https://latitudes.online/ntobeko-mjiwa-ndim-indoda-apha.html

Piece no. 2: Hambani Makwerekwere: https://latitudes.online/ntobeko-mjiwa-hambani-makwerekwere.html

Piece no. 3: Indoda ayikhali: https://latitudes.online/ntobeko-mjiwa-indoda-ayikhali.html

Connect with Ntobeko

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ntobeko.mjijwa

Listen to our Podcast on:

Anchorfm: https://anchor.fm/bellwetherpod

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